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Have Fun & Be Healthy

May 25, 2012


weekend is drawing near, with all of the parades, barbecues, and sales that the long weekend entails.

Of course, Barre Bee Fit encourages everyone, whether they are doing the Get Hot for Summer Challenge or not, to have some fun this weekend. At the same time, those of us who are working on getting in better shape, eating healthier, etc., need to be careful not to have too much fun. We don’t want to lose sight of our goals because we have a good excuse.


So this weekend, while you’re out enjoying the sunshine, it is okay to have fun – just try to make choices that err towards the healthier side. There are a lot of sites on-line that offer tips, tricks and recipe ideas, so we at Barre Bee Fit have picked a selection that you might want to check out if you’re throwing an event yourself, this weekend:

Love potato chips?

Check out these sites for some healthier “chip” alternatives:


*Time: Healthland

Or go to this site to view some alternatives that are not “chip” related.

You can also get creative & make your own tortilla chips (but try not to add too much salt!).

Want to serve something other than hamburgers and hot dogs?

Check out this site for some delicious, healthy alternatives.

(And actually, hamburgers are on this site, too…)

And if you’re griling, make sure to check out these sites for some healthy grilling tips:



*Harvard Health Publications

Finally, if you’re throwing a fete (and are of legal age), you’re probably going to want to indulge in some cocktails. Here are some sites to look at for healthier drinks:

Look here for cocktails that are loaded with antioxidants.

Check out this site for low-calorie cocktails!

& Women’s Health has a few healthy cocktails listed, too.

There are many more great sites and ideas out there on the internet. Feel free to share your favorite web find and/or healthy-yet-fun tricks in the comments below!

*Clipart courtesy of @ Can Stock Photo, Inc./davisales

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