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The Health of the Oceans

September 15, 2012

We have previously touched on the importance of staying hydrated (about 60% of your body is water, after all), but a recent scientific measurement looks at a slightly broader issue – the health of our oceans, which comprise approximately 70% of the earth. Since the oceans cover so much of the earth, their status is an important factor to the status of the planet, overall.

Due to the importance of the oceans to the health of the environment, overall, scientists are evaluating and measuring the health of the oceans with a new system called the Ocean Health Index. Once a year, the results of these measurements will be released so that the public can remain updated on what the health of the oceans is, as well as note the condition of specific aspects of the ocean.

The current Ocean Health Index score is 60 out of 100. Whether you view the current score in a positive light (it is a passing grade) or a negative light (that passing grade is a low “D”), everyone should be invested in whether that score increases or decreases in the coming years.

This monitoring will result in a better comprehension of how the oceans are doing and what areas are improving. Ultimately, it is hoped that this information will be used to better the health of the oceans, which would, in turn, be beneficial for the planet and its’ inhabitants.

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