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Exercising: We Like It Hot

September 29, 2012

If you have walked into our studio recently, you noticed that there is a new door peering out of one of the walls in the waiting area. To the side of this door is a tiny window, and peering through this window provides a glimpse of the construction progress for the new studio that will be opening soon. If you have not been to our studio recently, the door looks something like this:

View through window subject to change

The week of October 8, this door will be opening to reveal a hot room. Our studio will be offering hot yoga and hot barre classes. We are excited to have these new classes to add versatility and challenge to our workout repertoire. Furthermore, we are excited to include hot classes in our repertoire because exercising in a hot room has several benefits.

To begin with, working out in a hot room causes your heart to beat faster. When you heart beats more quickly, your blood circulation increases. The faster heartbeat means that your body is working harder during the workout, and better circulation is very good for your health.

The increased blood circulation has a more specific benefit to your work out, as well: it makes your connective tissue more flexible, and relieves stress on your muscles. If you are interested in increasing your flexibility, stretching in the heat is more comfortable for your muscles.

Another advantage to exercising in a hot room is the sweat. Working out in high temperatures produces copious amounts of sweat (you might want to bring a change of clothes to the studio when you take a hot room class, since you will soak your workout clothes). The sweat helps cool your body temperature, and might also help flush toxins from your body.

With these benefits, it is worthwhile to try a hot room workout – though there are a few health-related things to keep in mind before you step out of the air-conditioned waiting room and into the heat. Stop by the blog next week for safety tips regarding hot room workouts!

Information for this blog post was derived here and here and here.

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