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Correct Sports Bra Fit

October 12, 2012

Does your sports bra (still) fit correctly?

Having a properly fitting sports bra is important, since it lessens the possibility of damaging your breast tissue when working out. Wearing a bra with an improper fit, on the other hand, can lead to sagging and stretched ligaments.

There are also factors to keep in mind that could change your bra size: weight fluctuation, pregnancy, and breast feeding.

Knowing the importance of a proper fit, now is a good time to take stock of the sports bras you are currently using. Are they comfortable and supportive? (Remember, the breast tissue should be fully contained within the cup; if the breast tissue is protruding over the top or sides of your bra, then it is too small.) Does the back of your bra lay flat against your back? When you lift your arms above your head, does the bottom band of your bra move?

Another question to ask yourself is how old the sports bra is. The life of a sports bra is usually within the range of 12 – 18 months. So once the sports bra is a year old, you want to analyze whether or not it needs to be replaced.

If it is time for some new sports bras, but you are unsure what your current bra size is, you can ask someone in the store to measure you. If you prefer to do shopping on-line or take your measurements yourself, this site tells you what to measure, and then lets you know what bra size corresponds with your measurements.

Regarding care, your sports bra will remain in better shape longer if you wash it by hand and let it air dry.

Making sure your workout clothes fit comfortably ensures you can be fierce in the studio – see you at the barre!

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