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Physical Health = Mental Health

October 27, 2012

We know exercising benefits us physically, but a recent study from Scotland indicates that physical exercise may have more mental benefits than we previously realized.

As we age our brain shrinks, which is related to memory loss, problems with thinking, and Alzheimer’s.

This recent study indicates that engaging in physical exercise may lessen or prevent brain shrinkage. Moreover, physical exercise appears to be more effective at helping to prevent brain shrinkage than mental activities.

While doing physical activities lessens brain shrinkage, doing mental puzzles or reading a book had “no real benefit… on brain size.”

It also appears that the more physical activity a person performs, the less brain shrinkage that person will experience.

Furthermore, it is important to keep exercising at all ages; older people want to prevent brain shrinkage, too!

So make sure to keep yourself moving – taking classes, walking, etc. – and keep your body and your mind healthy!

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