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The Learning Curve

November 7, 2012

A recent blog post regarding excuses (specifically, not to make them in the fitness arena) caused me to think about the learning curve of classes at Barre Bee Fit, as well as with fitness classes, in general.

The Fitness Arena

The first barre class is the best and worst class you will ever take.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Man, my thighs hurt.

The first class is difficult. Very difficult. In general, most of the moves and class flow are easy to understand and follow, but the execution of those moves is another story. The instructors focus on the mind-body connection, causing you to really concentrate all of your moves. You feel muscles you did not even know you had burning. Your body is shaking. And you realize, regardless of your conception of your fitness level prior to taking this class, how weak you are.

Yet though you feel weak, you also feel clear-minded and accomplished. Despite the muscle fatigue, you finished the class. Your focus during class has created a mental clarity. Perhaps more importantly, that “good” exercise burn you feel proves that this workout is effective, which means that continuing the exercise will help you change your body.

For some, it is disheartening to take that first exercise class and feel very weak. Yet these negative feelings are usually inspired by  feelings of alienation. You feel weak, but you also feel like you are the only one who leaves your first class feeling that way – which is not true. Everyone feels weak at their first barre class.

Feelings of alienation are false

The important thing is to continue the effective workout regimen. Rather than allowing yourself to become intimidated by that first class, make sure to take another class, sooner rather than later. If you can, it is recommended when you first begin working out at Barre Bee Fit that you exercise four times per week for the first month. It is amazing how quickly you feel your strength build up when you exercise regularly, right at the beginning.

So, the learning curve at Barre Bee Fit starts with a very difficult first class, with a quickly achievable strength so long as you keep working, and then, the fun kicks in. You know that you are strong, and can push yourself while enjoying the variety that new weekly routines provides. Or you can try a different type of class, perhaps incorporating more cardio into your workout, or trying the more dance-y Bardio Barre classes, or sweating in the hot room.

IMG – learning curve

Furthermore, this learning curve is similar to that in any effective new exercise regimen. It is important to keep the end goal in mind: better health and a strong, beautiful body. Keeping those goals in mind, and remembering that those goals are achievable, will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident persevering in accomplishing your fitness objectives.

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