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Keep Moving

December 29, 2012

The time for resolutions draws near, and if you are considering making some changes benefiting your fitness and health, this blog entry is for you.

  • Are you aiming to work out on a regular schedule? The winter months in which January falls smack in the middle tend to be the most difficult time to continue/begin a consistent workout regimen. A few tips to help keep you on track:

–>Vary your workout routines. One of the best ways to ensure that you continue working out regularly is to keep your workout interesting. Participating in different types of exercise will create the appeal necessary to inspire the proper mindset to remain active. In addition to keeping your workout refreshing, variability will also result in a more effective workout through the creation of muscle confusion and the targeting of different areas of the body.

–>Purchase some new workout clothes. This acquisition is an important one – your apparel needs to fit your body correctly, and also needs to be appropriate for the exercise being performed. In addition, attractive workout clothing gives you incentive to workout, so that you have the opportunity to wear your cute new clothing, and possibly display it to other people.

–>Choose a time to workout. In order to ensure you will be working out regularly, it is a good idea to regulate when you workout. Schedule your workout times, and then stick to that schedule. Studies have shown that people who workout in the mornings tend to better exercise consistently. Most likely, this consistency is due to the fact that as the day progresses, other responsibilities crowd into your schedule, making it more difficult to adhere to even the best intentions. The best time to workout, however, is the time that will work consistently for you. Whether that’s 7 in the morning, a lunchtime workout, or midnight – choose the time that works for you, and consider it as important as the date a bill is due to be paid, or the non-negotiable time slot for a final exam.

–>Do something physical everyday. It is difficult to add another necessary variable to your life, and it is okay to make the transition to a more active lifestyle gradual. The keyword in that last sentence, however, was “active.” Make sure to keep moving. Even taking a fifteen minute walk around your neighborhood after dinner is better than not moving at all for the entire day.


Starting strong in January is the way to start building the healthy habits you want to instill for a lifetime.

  • Are you striving to eat healthier in 2013? Rather than making the resolution to “eat healthy,” narrow the focus, thereby making it more likely that you can achieve your goal while giving your something specific on which to direct your attention. If it is difficult for you to refine your resolution, here are a few suggestions:

–>Incorporate more fresh food into your diet. This upcoming year, make sure to eat plenty of fruit and veggies. More than that, however, work on cooking more often. When you are making what you eat, it is up to you what is going into that food. Pay close attention to the ingredients you are using in your cooking, and remember: the more processed the food is, the less healthy the food.

–>Be careful what you drink. A lot of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, contain an enormous amount of calories. The more calories you drink, the less you should be eating – so pay attention to the amount of calories when purchasing drinks at a convenience store, and focus on consuming less alcoholic drinks, as well. When in doubt, water does not contain calories, fat, sodium, and is the best drink for hydration. You can also read this former blog post regarding healthy and healthier drinks.

–>Avoid over-eating. A lot of people over-eat, for a lot of different reasons. In the winter months, in specific, you might find yourself staying indoors more often, which will result in your receiving less sunlight and desiring sugary, high-calorie foods. To lessen such cravings, try to get outside for a little while each day. On a broader, more general scale, pay attention to portion control. Serving sizes have gone up considerably over the years, and it can be difficult to eat appropriately; looking over appropriate serving sizes will help you discern what amounts of food you want to eat.


  • Are you looking to lose weight and/or inches from your waistline? A recent study indicates that cardio is the most effective way to burn fat. If lacing up a pair of running shoes is not to your liking, consider enrolling in a cardio-intensive class. Our studio offers a class entirely comprised of a warm-up, cardio, and cool-down. If you live in the Ann Arbor area, sign up for one of our 45 minute Bardio sessions to amp up your work-out and burn a plethora of calories.


Regardless of what your resolution consists of, remain strong in the conviction that you are a strong, confident person capable of achieving your goals. A positive mental attitude is an important asset when aiming to achieve any goal.

Are you making fitness and/or health related resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments below! Also, inform your friends and family! Verbalizing and writing your goals will help strengthen your conviction to achieve those goals, and your friends and family can help you and/or provide moral support.


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