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A Quote & A Reminder

January 30, 2013

I haven’t made it to the gym in months. But I’m thinking about it. And it turns out that thinking is pretty important because thinking can lead to doing, at least better than not thinking about it can.

via I lose five pounds every morning . . ..

The quote above is from aliceatwonderland’s blog. She writes a humor blog, and with resolution time only recently having occurred, it can be pretty awesome to read her blog posts regarding weight loss (I think she posts every Wednesday. Here’s the first post regarding weight loss to get you started).

So why am I claiming that you should read a humor blog with New Year’s resolutions just recently made? Because most of us have backtracked a little bit on the resolution front. We said we were going to give up carbs, but had pizza every day last week. We said we were going to incorporate more cardio into our workout, and then spent last night on the couch watching noneducational television programming.

Instead of feeling guilty about any setbacks, it is more helpful to be positive. And nothing helps a person feel better and think positive than laughing.


Another thing that I like about the quote above, however, aside from it’s humorous content, is it is thinking positive. It also happens to be correct. If you push your tasks out of your mind (aka the “I’ll-do-it-later” mentality), you might be shocked, upon reflection, to realize how little you have accomplished. Thinking about what, specifically, needs to be done in order to meet your resolutions/get your tasks done for the day/etc., is the first step towards actually achieving the things you need/want to do.

Of course, even better than merely thinking about what needs to be done, is thinking about it in a positive light. Pysch yourself up for the things you know are good for you. Before you sit on the couch for the night, think to yourself: “I will feel so much better about watching YouTube videos of dancing animals on my laptop if I run for thirty minutes first.”

So cute... So distracting...

So cute… So distracting…

To properly reflect on why you want to do certain activities, list three positive benefits you will achieve from them. For example: “If I take a barre class, I will have burnt calories, gotten out of the house, and my abs will feel amazing tomorrow.”

You are in charge of your body and well being – so why not think positive, laugh often, and feel great about yourself?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out. It’s ironic that my first post on the weight loss journey was pressed because then I had to follow through or admit that, uh, hey I was just kidding! I think you have a good idea for the reward system. Before it was always food for me (and sometimes still is, ugh) but watching a youtube video (zomg look at the kittehs!) is better than stuffing yourself and feeling bad later.

    • I am glad you got pressed – I am loving your weight-loss posts!

      It sounds like it was a good thing you got pressed – now you have readers to whom you want to hold yourself accountable & help you change your body. 🙂

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