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Small Changes: Laughter

March 5, 2013

Audrey - laugh

Audrey Hepburn, in addition to being a magnanimous human being and talented actress, was also absolutely correct about the importance of laughter. Laughter has many amazing qualities, making more of it one of those small changes we advocate to become a happier, healthier you!

We have all had those moments in our lives when we become completely overwhelmed, and we need to just take a break, meet up with some friends, and laugh. After this break and laughter, we feel rejuvenated, ready to tackle and overcome our problems. In such instances, our instincts have been responding to a benefit of which we are not necessarily cognizant: laughing makes you feel better, and helps relieve stress.


In fact, laughing does not only make you feel better, it is actually beneficial to your physical health. Did you know that laughing is a mini-workout? It stretches muscles, causes you to breathe faster, and 10-15 minutes of laughing burns 50 calories!

woman laughing

In addition, it might lower blood sugar levels, help you sleep better, dull pain, and prevent heart attacks. (Some studies on the relationship between laughter and health have been done, but further study is needed.)

tickle laughing

While laughing is not going to replace your need for more vigorous exercise, the evidence seems to be swerving towards a need for expressing mirth. The act of laughing makes you physically and emotionally stronger. So ask yourself: have you been laughing often enough?

And if the answer is no, maybe pop a comedy in your blu-ray player or call up some friends!

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