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Health Tips & Tricks

June 26, 2013
  • To help avoid the spread of bacteria while cleaning the kitchen and/or bathroom, microwave any sponges used on high for a couple of minutes once a week. (We do not recommend using sponges to help you cool down, however…)

Not a recommended method to keep cool.

  • Craving chocolate? Treat yourself to a small amount. Eating some chocolate at the beginning of a craving will help prevent bingeing later. Consuming chocolate also improves your mood.
isolated chocolate bar

Delicious & good for you (in small amounts).

  • Trying to lead a more active lifestyle? Wear a pedometer. Studies show that people who wear pedometers or other activity trackers move more on a daily basis.

Keep your heart happy by keeping your body moving!

  • Drinking coffee can have its’ benefits. However, make sure to avoid non-dairy creamers, which are primarily comprised of corn syrup.
Also, avoid drinking too much, lest you get a little... manic.

Also, avoid drinking too much, lest you get a little… manic.

Do you have any tips/tricks of your own? Please share them in the comments below!

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