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Sugar – Sweet or Deceptive?

July 2, 2013

Actually… it’s both.

I recently read a great blog entry about giving up sugar entirely for a month. The author details a lot of the issues that we mere mortals have with the sweet additive, and hints at another problem – sugar is hidden in a lot of foods where you might not expect it. For example, one of the issues with eating foods that are labeled “low fat” is that a lot of the food companies add sugar to make the foods remain palatable and addictive.

Check the nutrition facts label on low-fat foods & avoid foods that list sugar as the second ingredient.

Check the nutrition facts label on low-fat foods & avoid foods that list sugar as the second ingredient.

Sugar is deceptive, and the best way to begin the pathway to healthier eating is to arm yourself with knowledge. Specifically, you need to become knowledgeable about three ingredients that the food industry overuses to make food taste better: salt, sugar, and fat.

Luckily, Michael Moss wrote a book about just these three ingredients.

salt sugar fatMoss’s book is well-written and informative. He manages to combine fact with an excellent writing style that avoids instilling boredom in the reader, even if the reader is generally not a fan of non-fiction work. He also manages to expose the food industry’s dirty secrets in a way that resonates and is difficult to ignore.

Reading Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us is an excellent way to prompt you to overhaul your diet.

Yet drastically changing your diet in a way that will stick, as well as in a way that avoids the issues Moss brings up in his book are the two difficulties to overcome that might prompt you to allow the food giants to keep hooking you.

I'm super unhealthy, but I'm prepared quickly & taste delicious!

I’m super unhealthy, but I’m prepared quickly & taste delicious!

Ultimately, the best way to avoid consuming massive amounts of salt, sugar, and fat is to prepare your own food. Realistically, however, not all of us can do this. The food industry gains a lot of its’ power from the convenience factor that it often introduces into our lives. Yet making your own dishes, when possible, is going to be the most effective way to eat healthy. Aim to try a new, healthy recipe every week. Try to make dinner yourself at least 3 days a week. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Start making small changes in which you are doing your own food preparation, and keep pushing yourself to do a little bit more every month.

Utilizing small dietary changes will increase the likelihood that you will continue the healthier habits, as well. It is difficult to completely change the way you do something, and then continue to do it for more than a short period. Working slowly helps you create habits, and is easier to maintain because it is easier to instill.

Remember your Aesop - it's the finish line that matters more than how you get there.

Remember your Aesop – it’s the finish line that matters more than how you get there.

Have you read Salt Sugar Fat? Making healthy dietary changes! Please share your experiences in the comments below!

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