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Fit Form: Hinged Side Lift

July 26, 2013

Last deltoid post for awhile! I know the blog has been a little shoulder-crazy lately, but the shoulders are an oft-neglected muscle group that is very important for your overall health and appearance. Today, we will walk through a move that works the posterior deltoid muscles. The posterior deltoid muscles are usually the least utilized of your deltoid muscles, so you might want to do a little less repetition of this movement to avoid strain. The move we will be doing today to target these muscles is called the Hinged Side Lift.

The Set-Up:

We will begin the set-up similarly to that used for the Extended Front Small Lifts.

  • From this position, making sure to keep your posture, hinge forward at the waist.

The Muscle:

  • The posterior deltoids form the visible back portion of the deltoid muscle.
  • These muscles are used to move your arms horizontally, after the anterior and lateral deltoids have been utilized to help raise the arms to shoulder height.

The Exercise:

  • Keeping the arms straight, swim them up to the shoulders, then back to the starting position.
  • Imagine your arms are moving through quicksand to keep the movements slow and focused via utilizing resistance.
  • As you move, the shoulder blades will move towards the spine.
  • Keep the core very tight to protect the lower back as you work on the posterior deltoids.
  • The posterior deltoids are connected to the back, so you will feel this working the back as well. Try to focus specifically on the shoulders to tone this little-used area.

Please share any different moves you like to use to work the posterior deltoid muscles in the comments!

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