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Interview: Amanda Rausch

October 1, 2013

To close up our National Yoga Month blog posts, here is a post about our other hot room yoga instructor, Amanda Rausch.

The Amazing Amanda

The Amazing Amanda

Amanda has been practicing yoga for approximately 5 years, and teaching since 2010. She has been teaching at the Barre Bee Fit studio for just over a year. Amanda really enjoys the heat of the hot room, because it feels cleansing and promotes stretching.

How and why Amanda got started: Amanda has always been interested in yoga, but did not seriously begin to practice this form of exercise until her senior year in college. She was prompted to begin seriously practicing yoga because she suffered a severe surfing accident, and was unable to perform other types of exercise. Yoga aided the healing process, and she has continues to regularly practice yoga ever since. She particularly likes that yoga has physical and emotional benefits, both keeping a person fit, and helping that person remain calm and centered.

Itching to practice yoga outside of a classroom? Amanda enjoys doing yoga on her Stand Up Paddle Board on lakes and rivers. This practice provides an interesting change in setting, and results in the practitioner really focusing on balance.

Amanda’s favorite pose: Tri-pod Head Stand

(Take her class and she will teach it to you!)

Sharing dirty secrets – what yoga pose is your least favorite? For Amanda, it is Standing Head to Knee pose.

What word/phrase does Amanda find herself repeating while teaching? Amanda is always saying “Happy [day of week];” she loves her job and truly thinks every day is a happy one! While in the midst of the class, Amanda often finds herself correcting alignment by reminding students to “Make sure those toes are pointing right at the barre.”

Watch your form! Speaking of alignment, Amanda often finds herself correcting the hip alignment of her students. Paying attention to your toes, and making sure that those toes are facing the correct direction, can avoid hurting your hips!

Advice: Be careful while doing chaturanagas – your stomach, hips, and pelvis should never touch the ground. A recommendation if you find yourself falling onto your stomach is to get on your knees to build up the triceps until you can properly hover halfway down.

Think of your yoga class as yoga practice, not yoga “perfect.” You do not have anything to prove. Listen to your body, and move at your pace (not your neighbors’).

Also, ask questions! Your yoga teacher is there to help you.

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