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Atchoo! What to do?

December 4, 2013

‘Tis the season for colds and flus! While we try to stay healthy, sometimes, becoming ill is unavoidable. This blog is meant to be a reference for some tips and tricks regarding illness during the winter months.

  • While it is a myth that you can become ill if you go outside with wet hair, it is true that wearing a hat will help your body retain heat. This heat retention is especially important if you are already ill, when your body has more difficulty regulating its’ temperature.
Keep warm; wear a hat!

Keep warm; wear a hat!

  • With the dry heat consistently running in the winter, and illness abounding, it is still very important to remain hydrated. Remember, the best drink to provide hydration is water. It is the cleanest, purest drink, and therefore the most healthy.
Stay hydrated via drinking water.

Stay hydrated via drinking water.

  • Sick of water? Maybe a little hungry? Don’t forget about your chicken soup! Chicken soup might help with congestion, and aids with inflammation, which helps you feel better more quickly.
Plus, it's delicious.

Plus, it’s delicious.

  • Being physically fit and eating well cannot prevent you from becoming ill. It can, however, improve your immune system, which might reduce cold and flu symptoms.
Maybe you could exercise at Barre Bee Fit to boost that immune system... #productplacement

Maybe you could exercise at Barre Bee Fit to boost that immune system… #productplacement

Speaking of exercise – how do you remain active when you are not feeling well? It is important to keep moving; here are some recommendations:

  • Yoga


Relieving stress that has built up over your day/week/etc., yoga is a great form of exercise at any time. When you are feeling ill, this form of exercise can be particularly helpful. You can practice a yoga sequence that specifically targets areas that are sore, or just relieve stress in the body, overall. In addition, when you have relieved stress in your body, you are more likely to sleep better, which will aid your recovery!

  • Dance Break

Dancing is fun, provides the benefits of cardio, and is generally low interval. Of course, it is important to listen to your body, particularly when you are ill. You may not be able to push yourself as much as normal, you  may be less flexible, etc. Just listen to your body, and enjoy being active without punishing yourself for being ill.

dancing bear

  • Walking/Jogging


If you have a treadmill, walking or jogging is another great alternative. Try to avoid working out on gym equipment, since gyms often have a lot of people in them and you do not want to pass on your illness. Also, avoid going outdoors, since it is winter and you want to stay warm while ill. Again, just as with dancing, pace yourself. Remember that it is okay not to run, and just enjoy your walk/jog.

Is there another trick you have heard (and maybe even tried) that we did not cover? Please let us know in the comments below!

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