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St. Patrick’s Day Cooking

March 17, 2013

10 Healthy Recipes from Lifescript

  • Includes healthier versions of Irish-inspired favorites, such as soda bread and corned beef hash

UM student Lauren Baker (one of our excellent interns & soon-to-be an instructor!) suggests you eat green

  • Lauren lists some green produce you should try to incorporate into your diet if you’re not already doing so (relevant every day, not just March 17th), as well as her all-green, all-day meal plans

& feel free to use some green dye today!

  • Though your body cannot really digest green food dye, it is very unlikely that consuming some extra food dye on March 17th will make you ill. At the very worst, it might cause some gastrointestinal discomfort. Yet planning for the worst merely means ensuring you consume an adequate amount of water – which you want to be doing anyway, if you are consuming any liquor today.

Just a few reminders from our Mardi Gras post:

  • avoid using diet soda in your mixed drinks
  • be watchful about what your mixed drink is mixed with – liquor does not tend to have very many calories, but mixed drinks can have a high caloric content very quickly


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