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The Courage to Continue

June 23, 2012

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Yesterday marked the official end to the Get Hot for Summer Challenge, and all participants did a great job! Check out our Facebook page to view pictures and testimonials from participants. Very soon, the final measurements, “after” pics, and winners will be announced.

Yet as the Winston Churchill quote above is meant to illustrate, we should strive to continue living in the healthier fashion that was started during the challenge.

For the past six weeks, challenge participants have been exercising regularly, eating healthy, and drinking adequately. Performing these actions on a consistent basis has resulted in these healthier lifestyle choices becoming a habit. Many of the less desirable habits practiced previous to the inception of this challenge have now been replaced with routines that are covetable.

So how do we keep these good habits? The great thing about a habit is that it is something to which you are already accustomed. Now is a great time to take a few moments to note and appreciate the positive changes you have recently made.

Taking the time to fully realize these improvements will provide evidence that you are a strong, capable person – certainly capable of continuing the healthy changes that have been executed these past six weeks.

In our barre classes, instructors frequently reference the “mind-body connection,” and how using your mind to visualize the area you are targeting results in your exercising that target area even more effectively. The same is true of forming goals, and persisting in the lifestyle that you desire. By recognizing what you are capable of, as well as what you have already done, your mind and body can both be glad of the healthier lifestyle you have been pursuing, which will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle longer-term.

So again, congratulations to the Get Hot for Summer participants! And do not forget, the challenge is over, but your healthy lifestyle choices can, and should, continue.

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