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Yoga Benefits

July 7, 2012

On Monday, Barre Bee Fit Ann Arbor is introducing a new class category: Yogi Barre, a class that incorporates yoga and barre movements. Yoga is the perfect complement to barre classes; it already utilizes the mind-body connection that is so important in every Barre Bee Fit class.

The practice of yoga has many benefits, quite a few of them shared with benefits of barre classes, such as:

  • increased flexibility
  • using your own body weight to increase strength and tone muscles
  • better posture

Yet yoga also has unique advantages, such as:

  • focus on breathing
While breathing is important while doing any exercise, yoga classes teach the practitioner how to breathe with the movements. This is not only beneficial in the short-term perspective of creating a more effective class, but has also been linked with increasing lung capacity.
  • mental clarity and relaxation
Along with the increased focus on breathing, participants are encourage to clear their minds, to think only of the activity in which they are currently engaged. Using the practice of meditation while moving causes a person to feel more relaxed and less stressed at the end of a class. Studies are currently being conducted to study the effects that yoga may have on learning, memory, and depression – so there is a chance that you will not only leave the class feeling better, but you will have bettered your mind, too!
  • heart health

Practicing yoga lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate, thereby promoting heart health. Further studies are being done to see whether yoga can help people with heart disease. It has also been suggested that yoga increases circulation.

Overall, yoga promotes good health, makes you feel better, and will be a great addition to the barre classes currently being offered at Barre Bee Fit. What do you like about taking yoga classes? And have you signed up yet for one of the new Yogi Barre classes?

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