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Keep Cool

July 14, 2012

It’s summer, and it’s hot, so today’s blog post is about trying to stay cool. Have you tried these tips?

The house:

  • Make sure the curtains and blinds remain closed during the day, to prevent sunlight from heating up the house.

    Now, now, Alice – keep those curtains closed!

  • Utilize fans while indoors, even if you use air-conditioning.

    The air circulation will help keep you cooler.

  • Turn off the lights when you are not using them.

    You’re being environmentally friendly & avoiding the extra heat that leaving the light bulb on creates!

  • Avoid using the stove. If you need to cook, try to use the microwave.

    The microwave heats food directly, and pours less heat into your kitchen.

  • If you use a dishwasher, skip the dry cycle and allow your dishes to air dry.

    Another environmentally friendly way to keep your environment more cool.

Your person:

  • If possible, try to exercise and do laundry during cooler times of the day (i.e., early morning and late evening).

    Make sure you continue to exercise, though!

  • Wear loose fitting, cotton clothing. Try to wear lighter colors, and try to wear such clothing indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Of course, you should always drink water. Yet it is very important to make sure you remain hydrated in hot weather. If you plan on going outdoors, store some water bottles in the freezer to keep the drink refreshing and cool longer.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which encourage dehydration.
  • Store lotions in the refrigerator, giving yourself something cool to rub on hot, tired feet.

We hope these tips help you keep cool! Do you have any tips we haven’t mentioned? Share them in the comments below!

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